iPhone Not Charging / Headphone Controls Not Working

If you have an iPhone (particularly an iPhone 5 or later, as these use ‘lightning’ charging cables), you may have experienced a problem in charging whereby you have to carefully insert the charger at a certain angle in order for the phone to charge, and the slightest knock will stop it from charging. Similarly, you may have also found that your iPhone’s headphone controls have stopped working and will no longer allow you to skip tracks or change the volume using the buttons on the iPhone headphone wire.

While there may be a number of causes for these two issues, I’ve encountered them time and time again and it’s almost always caused by one simple thing: Pocket lint.

Pocket lint (dust, fluff, etc.) builds up easily in the charging and headphone sockets on the iPhone and will eventually build up enough to stop the connections that need to be made between the wire and the phone. Cleaning it out can be tricky, as it’s easy to damage the phone by jamming things into these sockets. This is the way I’ve found the be best for cleaning out pocket lint from your iPhone’s charging/headphone sockets:

1. Sit under a bright light so that you can see into the ports.
2. Use a wooden toothpick (wood is less likely to scratch the metal plates than plastic) and slowly ease out the fluff that is at the bottom of each of the ports.
3. Gradually, you will be able to ease out enough this fluff to allow your iPhone to use the charger/headphones normally again.
4. Repeat this process every few months to make sure that you iPhone’s sockets are fluff-free!

Hope this helps!