Songs That Nic Likes…

One of the things that I really enjoy in this world is recommending music to people. Yes, I am ‘that guy’ – the guy who insists on forcing his taste in music on anyone who will listen. I’m sorry, I’m trying to get better. One way in which I’m trying to get better is by collection all of my music recommendations into one handy Spotify playlist so that, should someone ask for a recommendation, I can direct them to the playlist, rather than badger them for 10 minutes on something like the importance of Los Campesinos’ third album…

So, here we have it, ‘The Ultimate Playlist Of Song Recommendations That Nic Likes And Thinks That You Should Hear’ (working title):


I’ve added a handful of songs to get me going. I’ll add more as I discover more new music! It’s an on-going process. A living, breathing animal of a playlist that’s only purpose in life is to bring people joy through music.



Gigs Of 2015!

I finally got round to posting my ‘Gigs Of 2015’ write-up! (Better late than never!) It can be found on this very blog, right here.


This list of gigs is part of a prestigious, long-running, annual blogging tradition (that I created in 2014). This tradition consists of waiting until the end of a year before documenting anything and everything that I can remember about the gigs I attended in the last 12 months. This could be very little if the gig was at the start of the year (or if the gig was particularly uninteresting!) or very much, if I particularly loved a recent gig! I also tend to shove a load of photos and videos in there, for flava.

All in all, I find it to be a nice way of documenting the gigs that I go to, without having to go to the effort of writing a review after every single gig. The lazy-man’s gig diary!


Oh, and you can find the ‘Gigs Of 2014’ list here!

Optimistic Analysis of ‘The Winds Of Winter’ Publishing Date

Many people have tried to work out when the next book in George R.R. Martin’s ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’ series will be published. I found this particularly optimistic piece of analysis on the ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘ page of /r/GameOfThrones. (The subreddit is for watchers of the show who haven’t necessarily read any of the books, unlike /r/ASoIaF, which is almost entirely aimed at readers of the books). Whoever wrote this section must have been feeling very hopeful at the time!

Oh, my sweet summer child…

Optimistic GameOfThrones Subreddit FAQ

Click to enlarge!

iPhone Not Charging / Headphone Controls Not Working

If you have an iPhone (particularly an iPhone 5 or later, as these use ‘lightning’ charging cables), you may have experienced a problem in charging whereby you have to carefully insert the charger at a certain angle in order for the phone to charge, and the slightest knock will stop it from charging. Similarly, you may have also found that your iPhone’s headphone controls have stopped working and will no longer allow you to skip tracks or change the volume using the buttons on the iPhone headphone wire.

While there may be a number of causes for these two issues, I’ve encountered them time and time again and it’s almost always caused by one simple thing: Pocket lint.

Pocket lint (dust, fluff, etc.) builds up easily in the charging and headphone sockets on the iPhone and will eventually build up enough to stop the connections that need to be made between the wire and the phone. Cleaning it out can be tricky, as it’s easy to damage the phone by jamming things into these sockets. This is the way I’ve found the be best for cleaning out pocket lint from your iPhone’s charging/headphone sockets:

1. Sit under a bright light so that you can see into the ports.
2. Use a wooden toothpick (wood is less likely to scratch the metal plates than plastic) and slowly ease out the fluff that is at the bottom of each of the ports.
3. Gradually, you will be able to ease out enough this fluff to allow your iPhone to use the charger/headphones normally again.
4. Repeat this process every few months to make sure that you iPhone’s sockets are fluff-free!

Hope this helps!

Homage Overkill – The Dark Knight Returns

The more exposure I allow myself to the quicksand-like habit of reading Comic Books, the more and more I begin to notice the homages that modern comic book writers and artists pay to some classic stories and art.

So, to continue my trend of posting all the comic book homages I can find to some classic books, here is the collection of covers that I have collated that pay homage to (or just outright mock!) the cover of Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’.


Inverted Vs. Non-Inverted Y-Axis In Video Games

In pretty much every role-playing video game, you are given the option to invert the Y-Axis for the analogue stick on the controller. The majority of people play without inverting the Y-Axis, so this is usually the default option in games, with the option to invert the Y-Axis usually being hidden in the ‘Controller Settings’ menu.

Despite it’s presence in most games, anyone who picks up someone else’s controller in a game, only to find that they have or haven’t inverted the Y-Axis like they are used to, will no doubt feel like they are learning to play for the first time all over again! As an inverted Y-Axis player, if I play a game where the previous person has not inverted the Y-Axis, I feel like how I imagine left handed people feel in every other aspect of life – trying to force my hands to do something that I’m not used to them doing. It’s like those left-handed safety scissors that they used to have in primary school – just try cutting in a straight line with a pair of those if you’re right-handed!

So what’s this Y-Axis stuff all about then? Well, let me try and explain…

Figure A shows the effect of choosing a non-inverted Y-Axis. Figure B shows the effect of inverting the Y-Axis.