Nuzlocke Challenge

I am a Pokemon fan. I love the games to this day. I bought played Black 2 recently and loved it, it reminded me of how it felt playing Pokemon red for the first time when I was a young boy! When I finished playing this game I stumbled across something called The Nuzlocke Challenge.

Nuzlocke is the name of a new way to play the Pokemon games. It is a set of self-imposed rules that change the way you would usually play through the game, making it harder and making you catch (and care about!) some Pokemon that you otherwise would just ignore.

There are many variations on the rules, but the rules I used are as follows:

  • If a Pokemon faints at any point during the game, it is effectively dead and cannot ever be used again.
  • No revives allowed.
  • You can only catch one Pokemon per area and it must be the first Pokemon that you encounter the very first time you enter that area. If that Pokemon flees or is knocked out, tough luck!
  • No healing or status-restoring items are allowed to be used outside of battle (Pokemon Centres are still OK).
  • All Pokemon must be given a nickname when caught.

So with these rules in mind, I found my copy of HeartGold and set off into the world of Pokemon for another time! This is how it all went down…

Game started on 24th December 2012, @18:18.

I started out my quest with Samwise the Cyndaquil. I chose this over Totodile and Chikorita because I thought it might be benefitial (while it’s a lower level, at least) to have a fire move against the first few gyms, which are flying, bug, normal and ghost types. Me and Sam then set out on our journey!

Received the pokeballs and caught Dara the HootHoot on Route 29, and shortly after caught Han Solo the HootHoot on Route 30. I then nipped in to Dark Cave and caught myself a Geodude called Twix! On Route 31 and 32 I found Lando and Whiskers the Ratatas.

After this spell of catching pokemon early on, I was then stuck and had to grind like hell to get strong enough to defeat the chumps in the first gym. Han Solo learned Peck at level 9 and destroyed Bellsprout Tower and Twix learned Rock Throw which took down Falkner and his cronies in the first gym.

Then made my way to Violet City where I  picked up mysterious egg. Then I got the old rod and caught myself Baratheon the Magikarp in Violet City and Jafar the backup-Magikarp in Cherrygrove City. Samwise evolved into a Quilava as he burnt his way through the second gym (bug-types).


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