My Ideal ‘Say Anything’ Setlist!

It seems like the wait for Say Anything to announce any UK shows is eternal. I know that it’s expensive for a band to come over here from America, but that doesn’t stop me hoping and praying each day that I receive an email from See Tickets saying “One of your favourite artists just announced a show near you!” and it’s accompanied by a big smiling picture of Max Bemis’ face.

So, to pass the time, here is what I would consider my ‘ideal’ setlist, if Say Anything were to come over to Manchester. Although, if i’m honest, any combination of Say Anything songs would be great to see live!



Blink-182 ‘Bored To Death’ – (Over)Analysis!

Blink-182 returns!

Blink-182 released their first new song in around 4 years today and I couldn’t have been more excited to binge-listen to it when I woke up this morning. It’s now 10am and I must have heard it over 20 times already today. Needless to say, I am a fan. There are so many things I love already about this track and I’m going to tell them all to you right now, in excruciating detail. Enjoy.




How Bandcamp Is Secretly Saving Pop-Punk

It seems like record companies don’t do well with punk bands when they get a bit of a following. The company seems to want to face them more towards the ‘pop’ side of pop-punk, which is fine, but it also tends to alienate the following that they have gained through being a punk band. Which is probably a main contributor to the source of that popular hipster phrase “I prefer their earlier work”.

It’s so easy to get any music for free illegally these days, but I always feel guilty stealing smaller bands music, especially when there’s not a huge record company, because it directly effects them.

So my legal options are limited to digitally buying the album through iTunes (which can be expensive) or listening to it on Spotify (annoying ads or monthly subscription fee). There is another option, though…

Pop-Punk Band Names!

There’s this recent trend that has started up in the pop-punk scene. Basically, if you start a pop-punk band, you need to name the band after a line or a song by another pop-punk band who were perhaps your biggest influences. Don’t get me wrong, I like this tradition! I mean, yes, it could be said that bands only do this to increase their initial exposure to fan bases that may notice them based on words that they recognise from other pop-punk songs, but to me it mainly just shows a great sense of community and connection between the smaller bands that start up and the more well established bands that I already know and love.


So here’s my list of pop-punk bands that have band names that are taken from or inspired by other songs by other pop punk bands!


Awesome Lyrics / Over-Analysis: ‘I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral’ by The Wonder Years

“‘Cause I’m sick of seeing ghosts and I know how it’s all gonna end;
There’s no triumph waiting, there’s no sunset to ride off in.
We all wanna be great men and there’s nothing romantic about it.
I just wanna know that I did all I could with what I was given.”

These lines are from the end of the last song on The Wonder Years’ 2013 album ‘The Greatest Generation’. An amazing song on an amazing album by an amazing band.

My Top 10 Favourite Blink-182 Songs (So Far!)

I’m under no illusions. I know that Blink-182 are not the greatest band that have ever existed. I know their punky stylings aren’t for everybody and they probably aren’t going to be admitted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame any time soon. But I love them. I love them SO much!

Blink-182 (album)

They have been with me through everything, since I first started properly listening to music. They were the first gig I ever went to, at the Manchester MEN Arena when I was about 14. I’ve gone to see them every time they’ve played a show in town and I’ve bought all of their albums (one of them twice, by accident) and played them to death.


On Fall Out Boy’s Latest Album, ‘Save Rock And Roll’

Let me break down what I think are the best FOB songs on the new album, in order:


The Best Ones:

1. The Phoenix – I love a lot about this song. I love the extended ‘heyyyyyy’ before the last chorus. I love that if you listen carefully to the chorus, the keyboard chords in the background are the same as the James Bond theme chords, I love that the line “Wearing authentic(s) misery, no, I think it looked a little better on me.” reminds me of other FOB songs… ‘The Music Or The Misery’ Or ‘I Don’t Care (“The best of us can find happiness in misery”) or ‘Dance, Dance’ (“This is the way they’d love if they knew how misery loved me.”). Great energy, love it.

2. Save Rock And Roll – Can you imagine Elton John singing on an earlier FOB song? No. But it fits SO WELL in this song! I’ve never noticed before but there are certain words that, when Elton John sings them in songs, you just go “That couldn’t be anyone BUT Elton.” And in this song, that word is “desperation”, in the second verse. Just listen, you’ll know what I mean.

3. Just One Yesterday – The start of this song sounds so much like ‘Rollin’ In The Deep’ by Adele! The line “Anything you say can and will be held against you. So only say my name.” reminds me of another of FOB’s songs with an abundance of courtroom/lawyer references, ‘You’re Crashing, But You’re No Wave’. This song sounds mature, the woman’s voice fits really well. I’m just very impressed that a song of this style and maturity came from Fall Out Boy. Fantastic song.