Landmarks ‘In Spite Of It All’ – Track Five: With Clarity

I wrote the chords for this song many, many years ago and had just stored them on my phone as a recording for later use. One evening in the studio, Adam asked if I had any ideas for new songs and I showed him the chords for this song, which he liked the sound of. We fleshed it out and it soon became my absolute favourite song that I’ve ever had a part in writing. I’m proud of the Funeral For A Friend-style lead guitar lick when the song kicks in and in the choruses, and the up-beat strumming in the first verse. I like the unusual structure of the song, with it being quite short and having the breakdown straight after the first chorus. I love the lyrics that Brad came up with for this song, too. This is definitely my favourite song on the EP and I’ve loved playing it live.

We were originally going to just call this song ‘Clarity’, but we didn’t want people to think we were trying to imitate Jimmy Eat World in some way, so we changed it slightly!

My favourite moments:
– Tom’s amazing drum riff during the middle-8. Travis Barker, eat your heart out.
– The big, dirty, open chord that the song ends on. I could listen to that noise forever.

You’ve been here before.
This sorry state of mind leaves you begging for more,
But you will never find a better reason to leave it all behind,
Another season passes by and we’re still pushed aside.

Once again, you’re miserable, and this time it’s your fault,
I’m done with being reasonable, this is getting old,
The house of cards you called a home, it started to fold,
The foundation was so unstable.

Now and then you come undone (running out of places to run)
What I’d give for you to see (with clarity, clarity)
I believe, I believe (in my heart you’ll never leave)
Clarity, clarity (what I’d give for you to see).

Broken, twisted and compressed, all these feelings are a mess.

Rhythm Guitar: [Coming Soon!]
Lead Guitar: [Coming Soon!]
Bass: [Coming Soon!]


Landmarks ‘In Spite Of It All’ – Track Four: Friend Of Mine

Tom had written the drums that ended up making this song what it is years ago. They were originally for a song that was to be called ‘Fighting Gravity’ (later the name of the second EP). After the original Landmarks singer left the band, every part of that song besides Tom’s drum parts were scrapped. After I joined, we wrote completely new lyrics, vocal melodies, chords and riffs to go with that cool rhythm. The first draft of the lyrics were written by Adam, about a friend he had when he was younger whom he wished he hadn’t fallen out of touch with. I did the second draft, keeping the general theme of the song but switching some words around here and there. Brad did the final touches, in particular making that middle-8 sound top notch. It was a real collaborative effort. It’s been cool to watch the evolution of this song from when we first wrote it to now. To begin with, it was probably one of my least favourite Landmarks songs, now it’s definitely one of my favourites!

My favourite moments:
– Adam’s awesome vocal harmony on the line “War wounds healed with time”
– Tom’s off-beat rhythm half way through the first verse is unexpected and sounds top!

When we were younger, we were reckless,
When we were younger, we were bored and broke,
At peace by the bridges, in sync with the corners,
With no place to call our own.

We let the distance grow between us,
The slip of time became the greatest divide,
And now there’s no easy way to bring us together,
And no storm we can weather.

It’s OK, I’m alright,
I’m learning not to build all of my hopes up too high.
It’s OK, I’ll get by,
I just miss you, friend of mine.

I lost track of the years looking back,
And no-one else seems to quite fill the gap,
The good times are gone, but never forgotten,
I’d take them all back at any given moment.

It hit me harder and faster I fell,
Days and months have passed me by,
I see clearer now, my war wounds healed with time.

Rhythm Guitar: [Coming Soon!]
Lead Guitar: [Coming Soon!]
Bass: [Coming Soon!]

Landmarks ‘In Spite Of It All’ – Track Three: Limb From Limb

I was just messing around on my guitar while at home one day, trying to figure out how to play ‘Black Me Out‘ by Against Me, when I came up with the riff for this song. I recorded it on my phone and sent it to the rest of the guys. They seemed to like it and, by the time our next band practice came around, Brad had already written some cool lyrics for it! It’s such a simple riff, in two ‘phrases’ (I think that’s the right word for it…) that each repeat three times, with a nice chord at the end. I’m proud of it. Matt Heap, our producer at Suff Studios, let me record it on his beautiful Fender Jaguar, too, which is why the tone is so warm.

We felt the tension cutting deeper, but we tried to ride it out,
I wanted my thoughts to be clearer, so I went and wrote them down.
You expressed, with hesitance, the things that you had on your chest,
I could sense you repressed the things you couldn’t lay to rest.

Tear me limb from limb, I wanna feel your skin on mine.
Drag me down again, you still weigh heavy on my mind.

Guitar Tab: [Coming Soon!]

Landmarks ‘In Spite Of It All’ – Track Two: Cutting Strings

This was the first song that we wrote as a band after I joined as the guitarist. I was nervous and we were all excited to see how well we would work together as songwriters. If it wasn’t for this song and how much we enjoyed playing it, who knows how long we would have lasted together. It really proved to us that this new formation of Landmarks could work out. I can’t remember how this song started out, but I think Brad had come up with a cool chorus and we worked it out from there.
I like the call-and-response style chorus vocals, a-la the verse in ‘After Hours‘ by We Are Scientist!
My favourite moments:
– The cool strumming riff that Brad came up with after the first chorus.
– Another blink-style palm-muted riff in the breakdown! Jeez, I’m unstoppable.
You’ve got me at a disadvantage,
I said I wouldn’t write for love, and back then I meant it,
But I never planned for this.
It’s a distinctive human trait to make promises that we just break,
Said “I can’t bear the weight of your world on my shoulders.”
You’ve been cutting my strings, I’m desperate to feel anything,
You’ve been cutting my strings, I’m out of touch with everything,
And I hate the way I can’t relate to anything you say.
Take two steps forward then fall back into place,
Uninvited and intruding your space,
Memories we made all go to waste.
I’m sorry I couldn’t be the man to sweep you off your feet,
I’m sorry I couldn’t be the man to offer a relief.
(Cutting my strings, so you see clearer,
Cutting my strings, but I’ll get better)
Rhythm Guitar: [Coming Soon!]
Lead Guitar: [Coming Soon!]
Bass: [Coming Soon!]

Landmarks ‘In Spite Of It All’ – Track One: Translucent

This song started from scratch in the studio. Adam had an idea for a big intro to a song and he hummed his idea for the riff, which I then translated and elaborated on for that huge lead guitar riff at the start of the song! Brad had some lyrics in mind and he helped lay some rhythm chords down and after that, the rest of the song took shape pretty quickly. I like this song. I think it’s a cool, high-energy track to open the EP with. In particular, I love how Adam’s vocals at the end of the song almost sound like a guest vocalist, like how the drummer of Modern Baseball sounds like a guest vocalist in the middle of ‘Your Graduation‘. We originally had Adam singing his part after the first verse as well as near the end of the song, but I think it sounds much cooler just having it in there once.

My favourite moments:
– Tom’s tippy-tappy sticks during the first verse
– Brad’s ‘HEY HEY’ in the breakdown, that he apparently blatantly lifted from another song.
– The palm-muted, Dude Ranch-era, Blink-esque, picking guitar riff in the breakdown.

We are the ghosts in a crowded room, scrutinised by strangers eyes,
But we’ve got nothing more to prove, you’re just the thorn in our side.
They say we’re heading in the wrong direction,
I say we’re searching for an idea of perfection we’ll never live up to.

So I’ll strike a match to spark some life into the dying fire that once raged in you,
Sit and watch it burn as the sun rises in the background,
I’ll reclaim my life now, we’ll make it somehow,
Sit and watch it burn as the sun rises in the background.

You say you’ve got me where you want me,
Under pressure from those eyes,
But I’m right where I want to be, my priorities are still the same

Throw me down with the sharks,
We are the ones who grew up in the dark,
Pick me up to be torn apart, to compensate for what you lost.

It’s come to light that this won’t wait,
I’ll take whatever I can take,
So sick to death of fading out.

Rhythm Guitar: [Coming Soon!]
Lead Guitar: [Coming Soon!]
Bass: [Coming Soon!]

My Ideal ‘Say Anything’ Setlist!

It seems like the wait for Say Anything to announce any UK shows is eternal. I know that it’s expensive for a band to come over here from America, but that doesn’t stop me hoping and praying each day that I receive an email from See Tickets saying “One of your favourite artists just announced a show near you!” and it’s accompanied by a big smiling picture of Max Bemis’ face.

So, to pass the time, here is what I would consider my ‘ideal’ setlist, if Say Anything were to come over to Manchester. Although, if i’m honest, any combination of Say Anything songs would be great to see live!



Blink-182 ‘Bored To Death’ – (Over)Analysis!

Blink-182 returns!

Blink-182 released their first new song in around 4 years today and I couldn’t have been more excited to binge-listen to it when I woke up this morning. It’s now 10am and I must have heard it over 20 times already today. Needless to say, I am a fan. There are so many things I love already about this track and I’m going to tell them all to you right now, in excruciating detail. Enjoy.