My Ideal ‘Say Anything’ Setlist!

It seems like the wait for Say Anything to announce any UK shows is eternal. I know that it’s expensive for a band to come over here from America, but that doesn’t stop me hoping and praying each day that I receive an email from See Tickets saying “One of your favourite artists just announced a show near you!” and it’s accompanied by a big smiling picture of Max Bemis’ face.

So, to pass the time, here is what I would consider my ‘ideal’ setlist, if Say Anything were to come over to Manchester. Although, if i’m honest, any combination of Say Anything songs would be great to see live!



Blink-182 ‘Bored To Death’ – (Over)Analysis!

Blink-182 returns!

Blink-182 released their first new song in around 4 years today and I couldn’t have been more excited to binge-listen to it when I woke up this morning. It’s now 10am and I must have heard it over 20 times already today. Needless to say, I am a fan. There are so many things I love already about this track and I’m going to tell them all to you right now, in excruciating detail. Enjoy.




Songs That Nic Likes…

One of the things that I really enjoy in this world is recommending music to people. Yes, I am ‘that guy’ – the guy who insists on forcing his taste in music on anyone who will listen. I’m sorry, I’m trying to get better. One way in which I’m trying to get better is by collection all of my music recommendations into one handy Spotify playlist so that, should someone ask for a recommendation, I can direct them to the playlist, rather than badger them for 10 minutes on something like the importance of Los Campesinos’ third album…

So, here we have it, ‘The Ultimate Playlist Of Song Recommendations That Nic Likes And Thinks That You Should Hear’ (working title):


I’ve added a handful of songs to get me going. I’ll add more as I discover more new music! It’s an on-going process. A living, breathing animal of a playlist that’s only purpose in life is to bring people joy through music.


Gigs Of 2015!

I finally got round to posting my ‘Gigs Of 2015’ write-up! (Better late than never!) It can be found on this very blog, right here.


This list of gigs is part of a prestigious, long-running, annual blogging tradition (that I created in 2014). This tradition consists of waiting until the end of a year before documenting anything and everything that I can remember about the gigs I attended in the last 12 months. This could be very little if the gig was at the start of the year (or if the gig was particularly uninteresting!) or very much, if I particularly loved a recent gig! I also tend to shove a load of photos and videos in there, for flava.

All in all, I find it to be a nice way of documenting the gigs that I go to, without having to go to the effort of writing a review after every single gig. The lazy-man’s gig diary!


Oh, and you can find the ‘Gigs Of 2014’ list here!

The Maple State

A couple of years ago, a band I like called The Cape Race (ex-‘The Honeymoon Suite’) were talking about their influences online. They mentioned a band called The Maple State who were a Manchester band who had since broken up. I had a listen to what songs I could find of theirs online and was hooked. They made some really amazing music and it’s a shame that they had to break up!

I know nothing about the band other than that they are from Manchester. They seem to be like this mysterious legend that Manchester bands pay their respects to when starting up.



‘Badgers’ – Jack, Josh & Nic

On a sunny day in about 2007/2008, Josh Hughes and I went round to meet Jack Foster at his parents’ house for a BBQ. It was a family gathering, so me and Josh didn’t know anyone, and even Jack didn’t seem to really fancy hanging out with the other guests (which is probably why he invited me and Josh in the first place, come to think of it). We lay on the grass all afternoon, eating meat and drinking beer. I don’t think we drank that much, but we had the most random conversation I think I’ve ever had. We came up with this ‘theory’ that there is a badger living inside each person, controlling their actions. I don’t know how this theory came about, but it stuck. And then it grew. Before long we had this whole network of animals that were impersonating other animals. It was legitimately crazy.



‘The Big Smoke’ – The Colour Coded

I wrote this song about 4 or 5 years ago about a guy who I used to hate, because of a girl I used to like!

This guy was loud, obnoxious and abrasive and he’d always try and belittle me in front of this girl we both liked, because he knew that she liked me. He’d lie about things a lot, just to mess with me. He’d lie to the point where he’d make something up about me and tell my friends how horrible I’d been, mainly so that he’d be ‘accepted as one of the group’ and I’d be shunned as an outcast. It was childish and it was rough. I think he’s the only person I’ve ever truly hated.


I really do need to make a new ‘band image’. I’ve had this one for years now. I mean, is that… Times New Roman?!?