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Gigs Of 2015!

I finally got round to posting my ‘Gigs Of 2015’ write-up! (Better late than never!) It can be found on this very blog, right here.


This list of gigs is part of a prestigious, long-running, annual blogging tradition (that I created in 2014). This tradition consists of waiting until the end of a year before documenting anything and everything that I can remember about the gigs I attended in the last 12 months. This could be very little if the gig was at the start of the year (or if the gig was particularly uninteresting!) or very much, if I particularly loved a recent gig! I also tend to shove a load of photos and videos in there, for flava.

All in all, I find it to be a nice way of documenting the gigs that I go to, without having to go to the effort of writing a review after every single gig. The lazy-man’s gig diary!


Oh, and you can find the ‘Gigs Of 2014’ list here!

Optimistic Analysis of ‘The Winds Of Winter’ Publishing Date

Many people have tried to work out when the next book in George R.R. Martin’s ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’ series will be published. I found this particularly optimistic piece of analysis on the ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘ page of /r/GameOfThrones. (The subreddit is for watchers of the show who haven’t necessarily read any of the books, unlike /r/ASoIaF, which is almost entirely aimed at readers of the books). Whoever wrote this section must have been feeling very hopeful at the time!

Oh, my sweet summer child…

Optimistic GameOfThrones Subreddit FAQ

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The Bands I’ve Been In

Over the years, my friends and I have been involved in a number of bands, with each incarnation differing in members, style and seriousness! Here is an account of the bands that I’ve been a part of in my life so far.

Band: My Dog Is A Hero
Year: 2005
Members: Me, Mike Lonsdale, Jemima Miles, Jack Foster, Jake Lawton, Gary Lonsdale


When we were about 15/16, a handful of us used to always hang out in our friend Jemima’s basement. There was a drum kit, a bass guitar, a keyboard and at least one acoustic guitar down there and, as me and Mike had recently been bought our first ever guitars and started learning to play, we would often just have a little play around with the instruments, usually just for fun. Mike had started learning a couple of Metallica songs and I think that was how the band began – with Mike playing a Metallica riff and then someone ringing the lyrics over it and someone else would join in on the drums, and before we knew it, the band My Dog Is A Hero was born. None of us even had dogs, so I have no idea where that name came from.

This little band mainly just consisted of us all singing cover songs whilst one of us played an acoustic guitar, which was great fun! One day we took the guitar and some beers to a park with us and wrote a song called ‘Asda’. Here are the lyrics to that song:



My mate Joshua Hughes has started his own company! Which is pretty impressive in it’s own right, but is even more impressive when you consider that it’s actually a pretty great, original idea for a business: It’s called ‘Vidiyou’ and the premise is that he will give you his high-quality recording equipment for you to record your wedding (or other big event) yourself, you then return it to him and he uses his editing skills to compile the footage and create a beautiful, personalised video for you to show everyone!
The reason I think this is particularly brilliant is that you are far more likely to catch those candid, personal moments of joy or humour at these events if it’s someone you know holding the camera, rather than some random dude who no one actually knows or feels comfortable being themselves in front of. Also, at the end of the day, if the recording equipment is good, the actual person holding the camera probably doesn’t need any particular skills in filming things. The work is done in the editing.
So, if you have any big events coming up, check out Vidiyou! :)

In Different Ways: 69 Love Songs Covered

I recently found a blog called ‘The Album Wall‘, which is pretty cool. It’s basically a guy talking about his interesting opinions on different albums. I recommend! Anyway, he has started a project whereby he is asking for musicians to record covers of one of the 69 songs on The Magnetic Fields’ famous album ’69 Love Songs’.


Despite being a terrible singer, I wanted to get involved! So I sent him an email and signed up to record a cover of ‘A Pretty Girl Is Like…’. You can listen to my cover here and you can check out the rest of the project (and sign up) here!