Optimistic Analysis of ‘The Winds Of Winter’ Publishing Date

Many people have tried to work out when the next book in George R.R. Martin’s ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’ series will be published. I found this particularly optimistic piece of analysis on the ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘ page of /r/GameOfThrones. (The subreddit is for watchers of the show who haven’t necessarily read any of the books, unlike /r/ASoIaF, which is almost entirely aimed at readers of the books). Whoever wrote this section must have been feeling very hopeful at the time!

Oh, my sweet summer child…

Optimistic GameOfThrones Subreddit FAQ

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Homage Overkill – The Dark Knight Returns

The more exposure I allow myself to the quicksand-like habit of reading Comic Books, the more and more I begin to notice the homages that modern comic book writers and artists pay to some classic stories and art.

So, to continue my trend of posting all the comic book homages I can find to some classic books, here is the collection of covers that I have collated that pay homage to (or just outright mock!) the cover of Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’.


Homage Overkill – Crisis On Infinite Earths #7

Since I wrote about comic books paying homage to famous comic book cover art such as that of Action Comics #1 and Amazing Fantasy #15, I’ve been noticing it happening more and more with different famous pieces of cover art. This time, I’ve cataloged all of those that pay homage to the cover of DC’s epic ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’, issue #7. That comic was massive – not only was it part of the game-changing, world-rebooting Crisis story arc, it featured the death of one of DC’s biggest characters – “Earth-One’s” Supergirl – right there on the cover!

The Original

The Original

This stark and moving image is well recognised in the comic book world, which is not doubt the reason why so many other artists have chosen to imitate it in some way, with varying degrees of success! Below, check out the covers I’ve collected that are referencing this iconic cover in some way.


On The Curious Use Of ‘Hand’ Imagery In ‘Game Of Thrones’


**************SPOILER WARNING!**************

This article contains some minor and a couple
of major details about the plot of ‘Game of
Thrones’ up to and including the end of the
fourth book, ‘A Feast For Crows’
(i.e. further than season Three of the TV Show!)

**************SPOILER WARNING!**************

There are loads of references to ‘hands’ in Game Of Thrones. They’re everywhere, in plot points, character names and locations. Can you think of any that I haven’t listed here?


Homage Overkill – Action Comics #1

Following on from my post about the over-use of the Amazing Fantasy #15 homage cover trope, I thought it would only be proper to talk about the over-use of the Action Comics #1 cover too! If you didn’t somehow already know, Action Comics #1 was the first appearance of Superman in comic books and is to this day one of the most iconic and recognisable comic book covers in existence  Copies of the original go for thousands of dollars and it is seen as pretty much the birthplace of the modern superhero comic book. So it goes without saying that many other comics would rip-off it’s famous cover at some point in time!

The Original

Some have honest intentions but poor execution, some are for comedic effect, but most are just a plain lack of imagination. I will say that one occurrence that I did enjoy was getting the fleeting glimpse of the ‘Warrior Angel’ comic, stored in a glass case inside Lex Luthor’s house, in that episode of Smallville – that was a cool reference! But unfortunately not all of these are as subtle…


Homage Overkill – Amazing Fantasy #15

Amazing Fantasy #15 was the first appearance of Spider-Man, so it was obviously going to have some comics paying homage to it by referencing it’s famous cover, where Spidey is swinging through New York whilst carrying some dude under his arm. It’s completely fine to want to reference something that has influenced so much in the comic book industry, I don’t have a problem with that at all. What I do have a problem with is that it’s now been done. It’s been done soooo much.

Spider-Man debuts: Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug. 1...