Landmarks ‘In Spite Of It All’ – Track Two: Cutting Strings

This was the first song that we wrote as a band after I joined as the guitarist. I was nervous and we were all excited to see how well we would work together as songwriters. If it wasn’t for this song and how much we enjoyed playing it, who knows how long we would have lasted together. It really proved to us that this new formation of Landmarks could work out. I can’t remember how this song started out, but I think Brad had come up with a cool chorus and we worked it out from there.
I like the call-and-response style chorus vocals, a-la the verse in ‘After Hours‘ by We Are Scientist!
My favourite moments:
– The cool strumming riff that Brad came up with after the first chorus.
– Another blink-style palm-muted riff in the breakdown! Jeez, I’m unstoppable.
You’ve got me at a disadvantage,
I said I wouldn’t write for love, and back then I meant it,
But I never planned for this.
It’s a distinctive human trait to make promises that we just break,
Said “I can’t bear the weight of your world on my shoulders.”
You’ve been cutting my strings, I’m desperate to feel anything,
You’ve been cutting my strings, I’m out of touch with everything,
And I hate the way I can’t relate to anything you say.
Take two steps forward then fall back into place,
Uninvited and intruding your space,
Memories we made all go to waste.
I’m sorry I couldn’t be the man to sweep you off your feet,
I’m sorry I couldn’t be the man to offer a relief.
(Cutting my strings, so you see clearer,
Cutting my strings, but I’ll get better)
Rhythm Guitar: [Coming Soon!]
Lead Guitar: [Coming Soon!]
Bass: [Coming Soon!]

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