Landmarks ‘In Spite Of It All’ – Track One: Translucent

This song started from scratch in the studio. Adam had an idea for a big intro to a song and he hummed his idea for the riff, which I then translated and elaborated on for that huge lead guitar riff at the start of the song! Brad had some lyrics in mind and he helped lay some rhythm chords down and after that, the rest of the song took shape pretty quickly. I like this song. I think it’s a cool, high-energy track to open the EP with. In particular, I love how Adam’s vocals at the end of the song almost sound like a guest vocalist, like how the drummer of Modern Baseball sounds like a guest vocalist in the middle of ‘Your Graduation‘. We originally had Adam singing his part after the first verse as well as near the end of the song, but I think it sounds much cooler just having it in there once.

My favourite moments:
– Tom’s tippy-tappy sticks during the first verse
– Brad’s ‘HEY HEY’ in the breakdown, that he apparently blatantly lifted from another song.
– The palm-muted, Dude Ranch-era, Blink-esque, picking guitar riff in the breakdown.

We are the ghosts in a crowded room, scrutinised by strangers eyes,
But we’ve got nothing more to prove, you’re just the thorn in our side.
They say we’re heading in the wrong direction,
I say we’re searching for an idea of perfection we’ll never live up to.

So I’ll strike a match to spark some life into the dying fire that once raged in you,
Sit and watch it burn as the sun rises in the background,
I’ll reclaim my life now, we’ll make it somehow,
Sit and watch it burn as the sun rises in the background.

You say you’ve got me where you want me,
Under pressure from those eyes,
But I’m right where I want to be, my priorities are still the same

Throw me down with the sharks,
We are the ones who grew up in the dark,
Pick me up to be torn apart, to compensate for what you lost.

It’s come to light that this won’t wait,
I’ll take whatever I can take,
So sick to death of fading out.

Rhythm Guitar: [Coming Soon!]
Lead Guitar: [Coming Soon!]
Bass: [Coming Soon!]


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