Landmarks ‘In Spite Of It All’ – Track Four: Friend Of Mine

Tom had written the drums that ended up making this song what it is years ago. They were originally for a song that was to be called ‘Fighting Gravity’ (later the name of the second EP). After the original Landmarks singer left the band, every part of that song besides Tom’s drum parts were scrapped. After I joined, we wrote completely new lyrics, vocal melodies, chords and riffs to go with that cool rhythm. The first draft of the lyrics were written by Adam, about a friend he had when he was younger whom he wished he hadn’t fallen out of touch with. I did the second draft, keeping the general theme of the song but switching some words around here and there. Brad did the final touches, in particular making that middle-8 sound top notch. It was a real collaborative effort. It’s been cool to watch the evolution of this song from when we first wrote it to now. To begin with, it was probably one of my least favourite Landmarks songs, now it’s definitely one of my favourites!

My favourite moments:
– Adam’s awesome vocal harmony on the line “War wounds healed with time”
– Tom’s off-beat rhythm half way through the first verse is unexpected and sounds top!

When we were younger, we were reckless,
When we were younger, we were bored and broke,
At peace by the bridges, in sync with the corners,
With no place to call our own.

We let the distance grow between us,
The slip of time became the greatest divide,
And now there’s no easy way to bring us together,
And no storm we can weather.

It’s OK, I’m alright,
I’m learning not to build all of my hopes up too high.
It’s OK, I’ll get by,
I just miss you, friend of mine.

I lost track of the years looking back,
And no-one else seems to quite fill the gap,
The good times are gone, but never forgotten,
I’d take them all back at any given moment.

It hit me harder and faster I fell,
Days and months have passed me by,
I see clearer now, my war wounds healed with time.

Rhythm Guitar: [Coming Soon!]
Lead Guitar: [Coming Soon!]
Bass: [Coming Soon!]


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