Landmarks ‘In Spite Of It All’ – Track Five: With Clarity

I wrote the chords for this song many, many years ago and had just stored them on my phone as a recording for later use. One evening in the studio, Adam asked if I had any ideas for new songs and I showed him the chords for this song, which he liked the sound of. We fleshed it out and it soon became my absolute favourite song that I’ve ever had a part in writing. I’m proud of the Funeral For A Friend-style lead guitar lick when the song kicks in and in the choruses, and the up-beat strumming in the first verse. I like the unusual structure of the song, with it being quite short and having the breakdown straight after the first chorus. I love the lyrics that Brad came up with for this song, too. This is definitely my favourite song on the EP and I’ve loved playing it live.

We were originally going to just call this song ‘Clarity’, but we didn’t want people to think we were trying to imitate Jimmy Eat World in some way, so we changed it slightly!

My favourite moments:
– Tom’s amazing drum riff during the middle-8. Travis Barker, eat your heart out.
– The big, dirty, open chord that the song ends on. I could listen to that noise forever.

You’ve been here before.
This sorry state of mind leaves you begging for more,
But you will never find a better reason to leave it all behind,
Another season passes by and we’re still pushed aside.

Once again, you’re miserable, and this time it’s your fault,
I’m done with being reasonable, this is getting old,
The house of cards you called a home, it started to fold,
The foundation was so unstable.

Now and then you come undone (running out of places to run)
What I’d give for you to see (with clarity, clarity)
I believe, I believe (in my heart you’ll never leave)
Clarity, clarity (what I’d give for you to see).

Broken, twisted and compressed, all these feelings are a mess.

Rhythm Guitar: [Coming Soon!]
Lead Guitar: [Coming Soon!]
Bass: [Coming Soon!]


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