My Ideal ‘Say Anything’ Setlist!

It seems like the wait for Say Anything to announce any UK shows is eternal. I know that it’s expensive for a band to come over here from America, but that doesn’t stop me hoping and praying each day that I receive an email from See Tickets saying “One of your favourite artists just announced a show near you!” and it’s accompanied by a big smiling picture of Max Bemis’ face.

So, to pass the time, here is what I would consider my ‘ideal’ setlist, if Say Anything were to come over to Manchester. Although, if i’m honest, any combination of Say Anything songs would be great to see live!


1. Alive With The Glory Of Love – Arguably their most ‘well known’ song. I think they should do what Mayday Parade did with ‘Jamie All Over’ and move it from being the set closer to the set opener.

2. Judas Decapitation – Great, up-beat tune from their album ‘Hebrews’. Also, if we’re talking about a gig in England, maybe Los Campesinos could make an appearance for the guest vocals? That would be GREAT.

3. Say Anything – Such an infectious, sing-along song! So much energy!

4. No Soul – I love this song, and it’s got such a massive outro, I’d love to hear it live.

5. Eloise – Fantastic pop-rock song with a great intro.

6. So Numb – Probably my favourite song from their new album ‘I Don’t Think It Is’.

7. Property – I love the tongue-in-cheek lyrics in this song, and I really love when it kicks in after the intro.

8. John McClane – A softer one for a bit of a break in the set. Another case of amazing lyrics, this time paired with a calming melody.

9. Woe – Classic.

10. This Is Fucking Ecstasy – This has always been one of my favourite Say Anything songs, and one of the first ones that I heard.

11. Ahhh… Men – I love how this song builds. It’d be great to end the set with it!


12. Nibble Nibble – Great song from the end of ‘Hebrews’. Such a massive rhythm.

13. The Futile – Another classic!

14. Every Man Has A Molly – Ending the set with this classic sing-along song would be perfect!


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