Gigs Of 2015!

I finally got round to posting my ‘Gigs Of 2015’ write-up! (Better late than never!) It can be found on this very blog, right here.


This list of gigs is part of a prestigious, long-running, annual blogging tradition (that I created in 2014). This tradition consists of waiting until the end of a year before documenting anything and everything that I can remember about the gigs I attended in the last 12 months. This could be very little if the gig was at the start of the year (or if the gig was particularly uninteresting!) or very much, if I particularly loved a recent gig! I also tend to shove a load of photos and videos in there, for flava.

All in all, I find it to be a nice way of documenting the gigs that I go to, without having to go to the effort of writing a review after every single gig. The lazy-man’s gig diary!


Oh, and you can find the ‘Gigs Of 2014’ list here!


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