The Maple State

A couple of years ago, a band I like called The Cape Race (ex-‘The Honeymoon Suite’) were talking about their influences online. They mentioned a band called The Maple State who were a Manchester band who had since broken up. I had a listen to what songs I could find of theirs online and was hooked. They made some really amazing music and it’s a shame that they had to break up!

I know nothing about the band other than that they are from Manchester. They seem to be like this mysterious legend that Manchester bands pay their respects to when starting up.


This is the statement from them on their SoundCloud page:

This page contains songs recorded by the band The Maple State between the years 2004 and 2009. I know that we never quite reached U2 status, and for that reason it has been difficult for some people to find our music, so I’ve made it easy for you. All the songs are available for free download except for those which are still available to buy on iTunes. Please enjoy this music and share it with your friends. We are no longer a band but these songs meant a lot to us and we want them to live on and not be sat on a hard drive in my desk draw forever more.
The Maple State, March 2012

– HMS Emulous brings our letter back to us

There is very little of the band still left online. All of their music (or most of it , at least) can be found on their SoundCloud, and i very much recommend you listening to their songs ‘Say, Scientist‘ and ‘Temperate Lives‘ in particular! Other than that, they have a Facebook page here and a little merch store here.

I just love Manchester. We make the best music here.


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