‘Badgers’ – Jack, Josh & Nic

On a sunny day in about 2007/2008, Josh Hughes and I went round to meet Jack Foster at his parents’ house for a BBQ. It was a family gathering, so me and Josh didn’t know anyone, and even Jack didn’t seem to really fancy hanging out with the other guests (which is probably why he invited me and Josh in the first place, come to think of it). We lay on the grass all afternoon, eating meat and drinking beer. I don’t think we drank that much, but we had the most random conversation I think I’ve ever had. We came up with this ‘theory’ that there is a badger living inside each person, controlling their actions. I don’t know how this theory came about, but it stuck. And then it grew. Before long we had this whole network of animals that were impersonating other animals. It was legitimately crazy.


As the day drew to a close and the other guests left, we went into the conservatory to have one more drink before going home. Jack disappeared for a moment and when he came back he was holding a small keyboard and what looked like a bag full of children’s toy instruments. That’s exactly what they were. The next thing we knew we had written a song about the ‘badger theory’ from earlier in the day. We recorded it on the crappy old Samsung phone that I had at the time (much worse recording quality than that of the smartphones we have today!), which took many takes as we couldn’t stop laughing at the start of the bridge-section.

For years we only had a grainy phone-recording to remind us of that ridiculous day, until last year when me and Jack got together (sans-Joshua, unfortunately) and re-recorded the song using proper instruments (including a xylophone and a mouth-harp!) and a proper digital recorder. The results are, for lack of a better word, beautiful. You can listen to it here!

Also, I think this song has probably the greatest bridge vocal melody of any song me or Jack have written, and we can’t use it now because we’ve stuck it in this song about badgers. Sigh.


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