My mate Joshua Hughes has started his own company! Which is pretty impressive in it’s own right, but is even more impressive when you consider that it’s actually a pretty great, original idea for a business: It’s called ‘Vidiyou’ and the premise is that he will give you his high-quality recording equipment for you to record your wedding (or other big event) yourself, you then return it to him and he uses his editing skills to compile the footage and create a beautiful, personalised video for you to show everyone!
The reason I think this is particularly brilliant is that you are far more likely to catch those candid, personal moments of joy or humour at these events if it’s someone you know holding the camera, rather than some random dude who no one actually knows or feels comfortable being themselves in front of. Also, at the end of the day, if the recording equipment is good, the actual person holding the camera probably doesn’t need any particular skills in filming things. The work is done in the editing.
So, if you have any big events coming up, check out Vidiyou! :)

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