The Songs With The Most Collaborative Songwriters!

A while ago, on an episode of Good Job, Brain!, one of the hosts mentioned that it would be interesting to see what the list of popular songs with ‘the highest number of songwriters on a single track’ would look like, and that it would be particularly difficult to find this out because it’s not exactly an easy phrase to Google. This piqued my interest and, as it turns out, it’s certainly not an easy Googling task!

So I’m on a quest. I want to find the song that has the most collaborative writers listed in a single song’s writing credits. It doesn’t matter what genre the song is, who sang it or when it was released… If it’s got loads of songwriters accredited, I want to hear about it!

Here are my results so far. Enjoy!

7 Writers:

‘Drunk on Love’ – Rihanna (7 writers, none of which are Rihanna)

Example Lyrics:

“You know I’m drunk on love,
Drunk on love,
Nothing can sober me up,
It’s all that I need, yeah.”

[Song] [Source]

8 Writers:

‘Fighting Temptation’ – Beyoncé Knowles featuring Free, Missy Elliott and MC Lyte (8 writers, none of which are Beyoncé)

Example Lyrics:

“We goin’ show you how to fight temptation,
I’m jus’ lookin for da right temptation,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, woo.”

[Song] [Source]

9 Writers:

‘Shake Señora’ – Pitbull

Example Lyrics:

“My girl got a big ol’ booty,
Your girl got little ol’ booty”

[Song] [Source]

‘We Belong Together’ – Mariah Carey

Example Lyrics:

“Who’s gonna take your place, there ain’t nobody better (Ooh yeah),
Oh, baby baby, we belong together.”

[Song] [Source]

‘Upgrade U’ – Beyoncé Knowles featuring Jay-Z

Example Lyrics:

“Partner let me upgrade u, flip a new page,
Introduce u to some new things and
Upgrade u, I can up, can I up, let me upgrade u,
Partner let me upgrade u.”

[Song] [Source]

‘I’ll Be Your Strength’ – The Wanted

Example Lyrics:

“I’ll be your strength.
I’ll be, I’ll be
I’ll be your strength.
I’ll be strong for you
I’ll be your strength.
And I’ll keep strong for you.”

[Song] [Source]

10 Writers:

‘Cheers (Drink to That)’ – Rihanna (10 writers, none of which are Rihanna)

Example Lyrics:

“Got my Ray-Bans on and I’m feelin’ hella cool tonight, yeah,
Everybody’s vibin’ so don’t nobody start a fight, yeah.”

[Song] [Source]

11 Writers:

‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ – Chris Brown

Example Lyrics:

“Don’t wake me up, up, up, up up, up,
Don’t wake me up,
Don’t wake me.”

[Song] [Source]

13 Writers:

‘Power’ – Kanye West

Example Lyrics:

“You short-minded n****s thoughts is Napoleon,
My furs is Mongolian, my ice brought the goalies in.”

[Song] [Source]

Other Candidates:

’21 Seconds’ –  So Solid Crew
(Can’t find any sources that list songwriting credits for this one, although there are 10 different rappers on this song, each with their own short verse, so there’s a good chance the number of songwriters is pretty high!)

An interesting fact I discovered about this song when researching:
The song title alludes to the approximate 21 seconds that each of the band members is given to perform their rap. The song’s tempo is approximately 140BPM and each rapper has 12 bars of 4 beats (48 beats at 140BPM, when worked out to the nearest integer, rounds to 21 seconds).

Do you know of a song with more collaborative writers? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the list!

[Sources: Mainly my own research, with some help from this article here!]


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