Technology Conundrum – Relayed SMS Notifications

I have a technology conundrum.

I work in a secure room on a site, where mobile phones are not permitted.  My mobile sits outside the room on a shelf and it’s on silent so that it doesn’t annoy the other workers sat near it. If I receive any texts or phone calls, I miss them and can only reply when I go out to check my phone.

What I want is a way for me to receive a notification over the internet in some way whenever I receive a text or missed call on my phone. For example, I need a service that notices when I receive a text and sends me an email to let me know that I need to check my phone.

It seems like it should be a relatively easy problem, but so far I’m stumped. I can’t find any way of monitoring the receipt of texts on my phone. I’ve checked IFTTT, which is usually great for this kind of thing, but there’s nothing on there yet.

I have an iPhone 4S.

Any ideas? Let me know in the comments!


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