On Fall Out Boy’s Latest Album, ‘Save Rock And Roll’

Let me break down what I think are the best FOB songs on the new album, in order:


The Best Ones:

1. The Phoenix – I love a lot about this song. I love the extended ‘heyyyyyy’ before the last chorus. I love that if you listen carefully to the chorus, the keyboard chords in the background are the same as the James Bond theme chords, I love that the line “Wearing authentic(s) misery, no, I think it looked a little better on me.” reminds me of other FOB songs… ‘The Music Or The Misery’ Or ‘I Don’t Care (“The best of us can find happiness in misery”) or ‘Dance, Dance’ (“This is the way they’d love if they knew how misery loved me.”). Great energy, love it.

2. Save Rock And Roll – Can you imagine Elton John singing on an earlier FOB song? No. But it fits SO WELL in this song! I’ve never noticed before but there are certain words that, when Elton John sings them in songs, you just go “That couldn’t be anyone BUT Elton.” And in this song, that word is “desperation”, in the second verse. Just listen, you’ll know what I mean.

3. Just One Yesterday – The start of this song sounds so much like ‘Rollin’ In The Deep’ by Adele! The line “Anything you say can and will be held against you. So only say my name.” reminds me of another of FOB’s songs with an abundance of courtroom/lawyer references, ‘You’re Crashing, But You’re No Wave’. This song sounds mature, the woman’s voice fits really well. I’m just very impressed that a song of this style and maturity came from Fall Out Boy. Fantastic song.

The Decent Ones:

4. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) – Prety decent song. I love, in the chorus, the high-pitched “I’m on FIIIRRREE!”.
5. Young Volcanoes – Very sing-along-able!
6. Where Did The Party Go – I just love this song because it reminds me of Cobra Starship, another band that I’m a huge fan of!

The Rest:

7. Death Valley – Guitar riff is pretty cool and the ‘dubstep’ breakdown is actually a refreshing change in a FOB song.
8. Alone Together – It’s got that indy-hipster sound, like ‘fun.’, that just sounds like pandering to me, like it’s playing to the modern tastes audience.
9. Miss Missing You – I like the 80’s synth sound in this one, but that’s about it.
10. Rat-A-Tat – Courtney Love’s bit is original and cool, guitar just before the bridge is good, rest of the song is a bit boring.
11. The Mighty Fall – Not a fan at all. They really need to stop trying to have these established hip-hop artists squeeze awkward rap verses into their songs though. It just sounds clunky.

Latest opinion of new FOB album: Really good, really different, not their best but enjoying it a lot. Only problem is that the first song is the best on the album! Lots of gang-vocal ‘woahs’ can be found on this album, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because Patrick’s (admittedly fantastic) voice isn’t the only good thing in the songs any more (…as with the previous album). It’s mature. A big step in the right direction.


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