Weird Imaginary Keyboard Marketing

In recent years a trend has developed across many of the internet’s top technology, news, business and services websites. It is the process of finding a stock image of a keyboard and shoving it through MS Paint to create something to advertise your website’s latest article or post in a visual way. For example, putting the Twitter logo on the ‘W’ key of a keyboard. You know, because …Twitter?


The concept and logic of this doesn’t sound too ridiculous at first – “Keyboards are technology, images make articles more readable… let’s have some images of keyboards!” But when you start seeing these poorly edited images with vague ties to the content of the article ALL OVER THE PLACE, you start to realise that it’s just a lazy/easy/terrible way for the author of the post to advertise their content visually.
The worst offenders tend to be Mashable (who use them All. THE. TIME.) and other technology/news sites like Gizmodo, Lifehacker and The Guardian.

Below is an ever-expanding gallery of these ‘Imaginary Keyboard’ images and, when viewed together, their ridiculousness shines out in a glorious mess of poor editing and lame advertising.



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