Homage Overkill – Action Comics #1

Following on from my post about the over-use of the Amazing Fantasy #15 homage cover trope, I thought it would only be proper to talk about the over-use of the Action Comics #1 cover too! If you didn’t somehow already know, Action Comics #1 was the first appearance of Superman in comic books and is to this day one of the most iconic and recognisable comic book covers in existence  Copies of the original go for thousands of dollars and it is seen as pretty much the birthplace of the modern superhero comic book. So it goes without saying that many other comics would rip-off it’s famous cover at some point in time!

The Original

Some have honest intentions but poor execution, some are for comedic effect, but most are just a plain lack of imagination. I will say that one occurrence that I did enjoy was getting the fleeting glimpse of the ‘Warrior Angel’ comic, stored in a glass case inside Lex Luthor’s house, in that episode of Smallville – that was a cool reference! But unfortunately not all of these are as subtle…

Which do you think are the most boring? Which pull it off well?



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