Awesome Lyrics / Over-Analysis

“So bury me in memory,
His smile’s your rope,
So wrap it tight around your throat.”

Cover of "Take This to Your Grave"

I’ve always loved these lyrics from the chorus of Fall Out Boy‘s ‘Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today’. I know I’m probably looking in to it way too deeply, but I just  love the various levels of meaning it has.
To me, it’s saying “Push me to the back of your mind so that you can proceed with this latest crush, even though I know that if you do go after him, it’s just going to end with your own misery.”

Let’s break this down:
“His smile’s your rope, so wrap it tight around your throat.”
This line initially conjours images of a noose and the metaphor of loving someone’s smile so much that it will lead to your unpleasant demise.

The reason I love this is the second level of meaning: That it is in fact a smile that is being described, and that ‘wrap it tight around your throat’ – that is, wrapping his smile tight around your throat – implies passionately kissing on the neck. I love that it is not only the sight of this guy’s smile that will lead to this girl’s despair  but if she lets him kiss her it will inevitably end up feeling like she is hanging herself due to the misery it will cause.

Bleak, but awesome.

And finally, I love this because Fall Out Boy have written something incredibly dark and disturbing as the chorus of a pop-punk song. I’m not at all saying that pop-punk songs should always be happy, I just love the stark contrast between the dark lyrics and the jaunty, bouncy music.

It’s a great juxtaposition and I love it.



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