Musical Memories: The Wombats – ‘A Guide To Love, Loss and Desperation’

I’d heard a couple of Wombats songs, the couple that they had released at the time, and I’d liked them, but I’d never really had much of an opinion on them until I went travelling with my friend Jack in the summer of 2009. As many people decide to do, we went on a month-long trip around Europe with Euro Rail tickets. It was an incredible journey that I will always remember. We have so many memories from that trip and look back on it so fondly. I would recommend it to anyone with a spare month and a bit of money!

Cover of "Wombats Proudly Present a Guide...

Before we went on the trip, we were discussing the albums that we would be taking with us on our iPhones (due to the limited space available on the first iPhone, the album selection process was a tough one!). Jack was a big fan of The Wombats before the trip and insisted that I take their album with me, and so I did.
I listened to that album to death on that trip. We had so many train journeys that lasted hours and hours, that there was really not much else to do but listen to music. And so I gradually became a big fan of this awesome album!
I specifically remember one sunny morning when we were on a train somewhere in Germany (I think), and I was listening to this album and the song ‘My First Wedding’ came on and I said to Jack ‘this sounds like me’. Which is a completely vague comment, but as we’d spent a lot of time together by that point, he knew what I would be listening to and even knew the song and the part of the song that I thought sounded like something I would write/sing! It was big-headed and egotistical, but it was honest! It really did sound like something that we would have sang in our band at the time! Besides, it was just a great moment of synchronicity for us.

My favourite tracks from that album are ‘My First Wedding’, ‘Party in a Forest (Where’s Laura?)’, ‘School Uniforms’ and ‘Little Miss Pipedream’.

And the part of ‘My First Wedding’ that we both were talking about is the first verse:

“This is my first wedding and I hope that it’s my last.
Things would be fantastic if me and the bride didn’t have a past.
So I stand my the buffet and submerse myself in brie.
I’m tactically positioned, yeah, because the bar is near and the champagnes are free.”

But my favourite line from the album is in ‘Little Miss Pipe Dream’:
“And I’ve seen her slam back tequillas like Oliver Reed at an Irish stag-do.”


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