Musical Memories: Lower Than Atlantis – World Record

This album reminds me of a time shortly after I met my girlfriend. I would get the bus from Manchester City Centre to her house and listen to this album on my headphones. I remember sitting on the top deck on the number 50 bus and just being really happy, despite the horrible weather at that time of year! I was so excited to be seeing her and still in shock that someone as awesome and beautiful as her was with me! And I’m happy to say that the excitement to see her every time I’m heading to her house is still there, and stronger than ever! :)

Favourite Lyrics: [ Pretty much all of ‘Marilyn’s Mansion’ – It’s a song about his childhood treehouse! :) ]

I’m going where nobody knows,
To a place far away from my worries and my woes,
Escape for a day in the trees, I can play
In a house made of sticks, on a branch in the shade.

Frisbees, kites galore
Cover the roof from summers before,
Up high, near the sky,
I can laugh, I can dance, if you fall, you will die.

This is my treehouse! No girls allowed!
I just hope to hell the wind don’t blow me down.
This is a fort of sorts,
I made it myself from odds and sods.

Camouflaged by twigs and leaves,
My secret den you cannot see.
From up above you look like ants,
While I eat sweets and make commands.


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