Musical Memories: Tokyo Police Club – Champ

The album ‘Champ’ by Tokyo Police Club, and more specifically the tracks ‘Favourite Food’, ‘Favourite Colour’ and ‘Breakneck Speed’ remind me of a particular afternoon in 2012. It was probably the sunniest day of the year. It had been sunny all day and I think I had just been lying around in the park for most of the day on my own, reading Empire magazine in the sun on the warm grass. It was later in the day but the sun was still out and there was still some heat in the air. I was walking around the corner onto the main road and listening to this album on my headphones. I don’t remember where I was heading to (probably to a beer garden) but I distinctly remember thinking “What a great moment this is. What a really, really great moment.” I must have been having a good day, and it must have been a combination of the nice music and the rare nice weather, but whatever it was, I know that in that moment I was really happy and content with everything in the world! :)

Champ (album)

Favourite Lyrics:


Breakneck speed.
Tying up your hands ’cause you’re landing back on your feet.
You know what I mean.


Vowel change.
I remember when our voices used to sound the same
Now we just translate.



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