Musical Memories: The Wonder Years – “What If We [Swam] Into Nothing?”

This song reminds me of when I used to work in a hotel bar in the middle of Manchester. I used to get the bus to work, and on the bus I’d listen to music. I had only just started getting in to the Wonder Years and had just got their first album. I remember walking down the back lane behind the hotel, to go into work, with my headphones in, and hearing this song for the first time, and really loving it. I walked into the building and up the stairs to the employee cloakroom, which was empty. I sat down and listened to it twice more right at that moment and ended up being late for my shift.

Favourite Lyrics:

We fell asleep last night watching TV
and the images worked their way into my dreams.
We were watching turtles climbing the beach.
The way she’s looking at him is how you’re looking at me.
So if you miss me, or you get lonely,
then you can swim back (can swim back)

You’ll swim back to me
and I’ll be watching the sea
for when you dance over the breakers and waltz up the beach.
Swim back to me, cause you’ve been gone since spring.
You know that we can’t breath alone in the Gulf Stream.


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