Musical Memories: Tenacious D – Rock Your Socks

The first time I heard this song, I was sat in a Computer Science lecture at Durham University. I was sneakily listening to this album with one earpiece in. I had gotten most of the way through the album during the lecture, managing to not laugh out loud and give away my sneaky operation, and then this song came on and I lost it. I just burst out laughing. (Probably at the word ‘chest’…)

Well, it was either this song or ‘Karate Schnitzel’… (“Who ate my f***ing schnitzel?”)

Either way, I got singled out in front of the entire lecture theatre for listening to my iPod during the lecture.

Busted! Worth it.

Favourite Lyrics:

Are you willing to make the commitment to wakin’ up at the crack a’ noon,
For deep-knee rock squats!? Seven or eight at a time!? In a row?


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