Musical Memories: Fall Out Boy – The Patron Saint Of Liars And Fakes

This song reminds me of my friend Mike. When we were in school I used to get dropped off at his house in the morning and we’d walk to our other friend Mike’s house and then all walk to school together. Shortly after the ‘Take This To Your Grave’ album came out, me and Mike were walking to other-Mike’s house and he told me that he had timed the distance between his and other-Mike’s house and worked out that it took him the exact length of the song ‘The Patron Saint Of Liar And Fakes’ by Fall Out Boy to walk there, from the first step out of his front door to ringing the doorbell at Mike’s house.

Cover of "Take This to Your Grave"

Favourite Lyrics:

To hear you tell me “Boy’s like you, you try too hard
to look not quite as desperate”. I’m hanging on.
But I still know the way to make your makeup run.


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