On Mrs Brown’s Boys

Mrs Browns Boys has got to be one of, if not THE worst piece of television I have ever seen.

It makes me embarrassed to be British. And even worse, it has a substantial following of adoring (and, presumably, deranged) fans who think it’s fantastic and hilarious.

I haven’t seen much of the show (thankfully), but what I have seen I hated with a passion. As you have probably heard, the main character is an old woman played by… wait for it… A MAN! HA HA! Get it? Because men usually play men characters! Seriously, this is a joke that has not been entertaining ever. With the possible exception of Mrs Doubtfire, which was a decent-enough movie, but even that movie had some heart and reason, this show is just stupid.

I remember watching an episode where the characters are stood around in the kitchen having a chat about something or other and the shot switches to an external shot of the conversation from the kitchen window. The camera zooms in until the cameraman hits the set wall, which wobbles. The canned-laughter erupts in fits and this is seen as a high-point for the show. A camera man accidentally on-purpose falling in the set. Hilar.

The worst moment for me though, was at the end of the episode, when the cast suddenly, out of nowhere, burst in to song about something obscene (I can’t even remember what) and do a big song and dance number in the last scene. The camera pulls out and – to my absolute HORROR – we see the TWIST in the episode is that the overly-excitable canned-laughter that we have been force-fed for the past 22 minutes was in fact REAL LAUGHTER FROM HUMANS in a studio audience. Now, I can only assume that these people are members of the cast and crews family and are laughing out of courtesy (and are in fact feeling the same mix of shame and embarrassment that I felt) and that they have been paid handsomely to laugh loudly and frequently.

This show is horrible. Really really horrible. I just hope it ends before it tries to ‘break into America’ and the rest of the world collectively lowers it’s opinions of us as a nation.


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