On ‘Blogging’

I don’t like the term ‘blog’. It’s such a 90’s term. It always sounds to me like it’s the kind of term you hear used by newsreaders to speak to the non-tech-minded generations. Like describing browsing the internet as ‘Surfing The Web’.

Blog is just a clunky contraction of ‘web-log’ and doesn’t sound nice to say or look nice in print. Therefore this post will be the first and last time you will see me refew to this site as a ‘blog’!

I’ll be posting mainly on things that I’ve thought at least a bit about. Usually i’ll contradict myself and I’ll almost always make mistakes (especially in grammar). I want opinions on each subject and I want to discuss them with anyone who’s interested, so please feel free to comment on posts or message me.

This blog, like countless ones before it, will no doubt end up gathering dust and dwindling into the dimly-lit corners of the internet where no-one bothers to look. For now at least, let’s have fun and stuff, yeah?

Boring rant over. Let’s get talking about some awesome NERD STUFF!


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